Another FBI banking scam alert

The sad part of this whole thing is that the only reason these banking alerts are necessary are because people stop using their brains when they are on their computers or smartphones.

The scam goes as follows: You get fake emails from the National Automated Clearing House Association, the Federal Reserve or the FDIC about either a problem with your bank account or maybe a bad ACH transaction.

Inside the email is a link that if clicked malware called gameover takes over your device and after that they have all your usernames, account numbers, passwords and inevitably, your money.

Here is one easy way to avoid this kinda theft; don’t click on any link in any email unless from an absolutely trusted source that has been verified safe.

Remember this, neither the government nor any banking or financial institutions will ever correspond with you by email when there is an issue. They will always send you a letter or call but in most cases, letter.

No governmental body, especially the IRS or Social Security office will send you an email asking for sensitive information. It will never happen. They will always send a letter or call or both.

Email is one of the least secure ways to transmit data since it isn’t encrypted or safe guarded from prying eyes. This means that even a mediocre hacker can get a hold of your email so never ever put sensitive information within one.

If you follow my example and delete any and all emails that are not expected; you will find it is easy to never have your device compromised by some scumbag criminal.

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Stay safe and smart out there!

Charles Dougherty

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