Ways to protect your aging parents

Whether your elderly parents are in their own home or an assisted living facility precautions need to be made to ensure their safety.

If they live in their own home you need to be sure they are eating and sleeping properly as well as ensuring they don’t literally burn down the house.

If they live in an assisted living facility you need to worry about how the staff is treating them since those homes are prone to attracting, well there is no way to sugar coat it, bad people.

There are so many cases of abuse over the years it is unbelievable and this is just what is caught, God knows how much goes unnoticed.

But thankfully there are tons of tools you can use from Granny Cams a.k.a Nanny Cams to smart toilets.

Caring for aging parents can become daunting if you don’t utilize the technology available today to help with it.

The level of technology you will need to delve into will vary according to the needs of your particular situation but a good way to start out is with a Nanny or Granny Cam so you can see what is happening when you are not there.

Remember most of all you will need patience and lots of love.

Stay Safe!

Charles Dougherty

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