Hidden cameras being found in public places is becoming more common

There seems to be an influx of stories of hidden cameras being found in doctor’s offices, bathrooms, changing rooms and even beauty salons. All of this is being done for the most part by very sick individuals who are just looking for a thrill. I say for the most part because some are just poorly thought out and executed security plans by companies.

What gets my goat the most is that as long as you can’t make out who the person is on the video, often there are no charges filed. I don’t get this, that is the same as saying it is okay to shoot a gun up in the air in the center of a crowd as long as you aren’t shooting directly at someone. The intention is the same either way.

What they have done is shown these scumbags exactly how to commit this crime without the fear of prosecution. That doesn’t change the fact that even though you can’t see the face, they can still see the private parts they were hoping to get on film. This means your private parts could be on some website for every pervert in the world to view while he pleasures himself. Comforting thought huh?

This issue needs to be dealt with as harshly as any other sex crime and then maybe they can curb this before it gets anymore out of hand. I listed part of a news story below and then under that you’ll find more to read. I added these to show you all that I am not being an alarmist, just stating facts.

Now if you are asking, “what can I do to protect myself”? The answer is you can either get a bug detector to scan for any hidden camera signals or you can also do visual inspections to find them. A lot of whether they are well hidden depends on who put them there. If it is a rogue employee like that guy in the news story below about the Omni Hotel in California, it can often be much harder to find the cameras as they will have time and opportunity to hide them well.

No charges will be filed against an Omni Hotel San Diego employee who resigned after admitting to placing a hidden camera inside a public bathroom at the luxury downtown hotel, police said.

The images captured on the webcam installed by former Omni Hotel employee Richard Bourque were not clear enough to identify the victims.

“Because neither victim was identifiable, the Penal Code section did not apply and the case has been closed, San Diego Police Department spokeswoman Lt. Andra Brown said.

Omni Hotel officials acknowledged the incident Thursday after being approached by investigative reporters earlier this week. …More at Omni Employee Resigns after Hidden Camera Discovery – San Diego 6

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Like I said earlier this isn’t something that is a 1 in a million shot of ever happening to you, the odds are much worse and getting worse every year as it gets easier to buy and use hidden cameras. Hell, we sell cameras that are screw hidden cameras. That’s right, a camera small enough to hide in the head of a screw. The only part you need to keep out is the head of the screw which no one would ever notice, the rest can be hidden behind the sheet-rock or just about anything.

Hidden camera detectors are what can help you level the playing field here. Should you have to buy one just to not have to worry about some freak taping you in secret…no you shouldn’t have to but if you want to be sure it doesn’t happen to you…you do have to buy one. Face it, this is a sick world and you need to be on your guard. Not paranoid just cautious.

Check out the Twitter buzz:

Like I said story after story and these are just the ones that are reported and make the news not to mention all the ones swept under the rug.



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Hidden cameras for cars

Hidden Cameras for cars are becoming much more common in newer vehicles and this is a good thing. Although most are just designed as a camera and not to record this will probably change over time. The benefits of recording your driving are immense.

This is for the lay person as well as anyone who has to drive a vehicle as part of their job, from delivery people to cab drivers and everything in between. If you have video capabilities should something like an accident or crime happen, it can help put an end to insurance fraud as well as a whole slew of other crimes.

Check out this article about backup cameras:

Consumer interest is growing in safety features such as backup cameras, blind spot warning systems and pedestrian alerts,

 according to a survey released Wednesday by Harris Interactive. It stands in contrast to fewer people caring about safety versus traditional vehicle needs — like gas mileage and quality — as cars become safer by the year.

The tangibility of such features could be driving interest. Features that elevated auto safety in the past decade — electronic stability systems, antilock brakes, side curtain airbags — are largely required by law today, but most were hidden from the driving experience. By contrast, a backup camera or blind spot warning system are used several times in a single commute….More at Consumers Want Backup Cameras, Blind Spot Systems – News (blog)


As you can see by the video these things are easy to use and a very powerful tool should you ever need it. A good thing is that you can find hidden cameras for sale both online and off, at just about every where these days. This makes it much easier and even cheaper for you.


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Hidden Cameras for Home Security

Outlet Hidden Camera

Finding a Hidden Camera for your home security system is an easy task these days. There is no shortage of stores or models from which you can choose so finding hidden cameras for home cheap is very easy.

You can buy spy cameras disguised as just about anything in the way of home products from wall outlets to mirrors and beyond. This lets you concentrate on the items you feel fit your home the best.

Opting for a hidden camera for home security instead of a visible one means you are going for more stealth than show. The upside is that you have many more options this way.

The downside being of course, that cameras people are unaware of, are not much of a deterrent. They are though, perfect for giving the police the evidence they can use to find and convict the perpetrators.

Being hidden, they can also be used to spy on those within your own home as well from a nanny to your lover so you can always know what is going on in your home when you are away.

If you are looking for more of a deterrent to burglars then choose something like a Bullet Camera or even a Dome Camera. Since they are meant to be seen you will want them in the areas visible to others but yet still able to cover the area you want to keep an eye on.

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A family that steals together goes to prison together.  This guy wins scumbag father of the year taking his daughter and bringing her into the criminal life.



Idiots like these guys are why people need hidden cameras for home use. If you recognize any of these thugs be sure to alert the police in the area.


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Someone outs Hidden Cameras in DC used to catch speeders

Having driven through Washington DC on more than one occasion I don’t blame the local police for their efforts to curb speeding. DC is crowded and crazy enough without people flying down the streets.

To combat it they have been utilizing hidden cameras to catch the speeders . They radar and photo you if you are speeding and you get a ticket, as you should.

I personally think that until people stop being so damn selfish as to risk the lives of everyone else on the road with them by speeding and driving stupid the cops have to do what they have to do.

I say this as someone who has not had as much as a parking ticket in more than 19 years. People need to allow more time when they have to go somewhere and then they won’t need to drive stupid but the bad part is a large percentage will drive that way late or not.

So to the idiot spray painting the giant X’s where they are placing the hidden cameras…knock it off. To all you speeders…stop being so ignorant.

You can read the whole story here

Stay safe,

Charles Dougherty

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Pervert secretly recorded women in busy Austin Texas thrift store

48 year old Ronald Wallace Lane entered a very busy Austin Texas thrift store with the intention of spying on women without their knowledge. He used 3 Hidden Cameras to do the recordings.

He was caught with a hidden camera in a “koozie” (a.k.a. beer cooler), a tiny camera on his sandal and one about the size of a pen hidden camera. He was using the for “upskirt” shots and other perverted things like sticking his sandal under the changing room door etc..

This is probably not the first time this freak has done this as well setup as he was. I bet we find out he has a long history of this garbage.

Stay safe!

Charles Dougherty

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Sears employee secretly recorded women in the changing rooms and bathrooms

According to authorities a maintenance worker was recording women without their knowledge in the bathrooms and changing rooms in a Sears store in North Hollywood.

They think 27 year old Alejandro Gamiz has been doing this for 3 years! God knows how many victims of this guy there really are all together and what he did with the recordings.

For all we know there are images of many women all over the net as a result of this pervert doing his evil deed for so long without anyone catching on.

What I can’t understand is how this was able to go on for so many years without anyone getting suspicious…it is mind boggling to me.

I mentioned before it is a good idea to carry a Hidden Camera Detector when going into public bathrooms and changing rooms and this is yet another example of why I said that. The Hidden Camera technology to do the recordings is too readily available to not be prepared and take a better safe than sorry approach. Once something is one the net it is there forever.

Stay safe!

Charles Dougherty


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UTC RA busted for installing Hidden Cameras in 4 Girl’s dorm rooms

This story is a tough one because where normally I am a throw the book at them kinda guy in this case I think they may be going the wrong direction sticking the guy in jail.

You see Bernard Morris has Asperger’s Syndrome so although no an excuse for bad behavior it does warrant consideration when it comes to sentencing.

A lot of this is the fault of his family members and the local law enforcement and court system. This guy showed signs of heading to the dark side long ago and that should have been addressed.

You see back in 2009 he got fixated on a young high school student to the point he punched his way through a glass in her front door, ransacked her bedroom and stole panties, set fire to the house, then called 911 as he watched from across the street.

Now I am no PHD but it doesn’t take one to see the GIANT RED FLAGS that incidents raises. This guy should have been institutionalized back then and not stuck in jail for a year.

Case in point is the newest charges levied against him where he broke in and installed hidden cameras in the dorm rooms of young women.

His next step is to rape a woman and if she is lucky he won’t kill her but I wouldn’t say to chance it.

This kids doesn’t need prison he needs help and lots of it and if he can’t be “fixed” he should be hospitalized for the rest of his life in order to protect women from him.

We will have to see what happens in this case as time goes on.

This is the perfect example as to why it is worth it to be a little paranoid and get a Hidden Video Camera Detector, a.k.a Bug Detector and sweep your dorm room and shower area often to ensure no one is watching in on you or even worse recording you.

Stay safe out there!

Charles Dougherty

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County in Virginia uses Hidden Cameras to catch litter bugs

These stories really piss me off. How sad is it that any place has to install hidden cameras to either catch or deter scumbags from littering a place up so bad that the supervisor of an inmate crew says they collect up to 100 bags of roadside garbage in a single day.

100 friggin bags of trash. Great use of inmates but damn shame it has to be done. This litter problem is what prompted officials at Henry County Virginia to go to the lengths of actually installing hidden cameras.

The penalty for littering in Henry County is a fine between $250-2,500, as well as up to one year in jail and I hope those cameras help the county fine and lock up a bunch. Actually it would be better to give them a TON of community service and make it really hurt.

Make them pick up trash on roadways for a thousand hours 1st offense and jail on subsequent offenses.

Anybody who is scummy enough to litter our great country has no respect and needs to learn a hard lesson.

Good luck Henry County!

Charles Dougherty

Hidden Video Camera Detector

Hidden Camera DVR

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Crook is caught on Hidden Camera

A homeowner in Rogers County Oklahoma needed to do some remodeling on the bathroom in his home so he hired a local contractor to do the work.

During the remodel the homeowner began to notice pain medication his wife had from surgery both Hydrocodone and Oxycontin were coming up missing and it was obvious who was taking them.

The homeowner was smart and installed a Hidden Camera to be sure he had the evidence before he made any accusations which was smart in this time of litigious people.

He then took aspirin and put them in the medicine bottles and sure enough the thief came in to steal more pills and was caught on camera. Like I am sure you already figured out one of the contractors was stealing the pills.

It goes to show that although we would love to be able to trust it can be better to be safe than sorry.

Hidden Cameras are inexpensive and easy to use these days and more than worth the investment so you can be sure of what is going on when you are not home!

Stay Safe!

Charles Dougherty



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