A Nanny Cam Saves the Day for 1 Massachusetts family

24 year old Megan Robinson had been in the employ of the family as a nanny until she was arrested for larceny on the 29th of February this year.

It seems the family had begun to notice a pattern of money and other items coming up mysteriously missing.

To find out for certain what was going on, the family purchased a nanny cam and installed it in the home.

It turned out their suspicions were correct and the nanny was in fact, stealing from the family and caught in the act. The police were notified and she was arrested.

It would be nice to be able to trust everyone you meet and that “seems nice” but often that can come back to bite you in the rump.

A little precaution on your part can save you from dealing with someone violating your trust and stealing your property.

For a small investment of your money to purchase a nanny cam you can help to be sure of exactly what is going on when you are not home and best of all they come in a huge variety of everyday items you would find in any home.


Stay safe!

Charles Dougherty

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