Nanny cam catches assault on 5 month old baby

The fact so many of these abusive acts on babies are caught on a Nanny Cam is both good and bad to me. I am happy to see people being proactive and doing what is needed to protect their kids but the bad part is that is gives us a glimpse of just how often these crimes are happening and not being found out.

For every one act caught on a nanny cam there are probably hundreds if not thousands that go unnoticed by family. This means more people need to get hidden cameras to ensure they are not one of the ones that goes unnoticed.

In this case the mom noticed the babies’ father, the ex, seemed unsure around the kids so she wanted to be sure. Good thing she did it too!

When she reviewed the video from her Alarm Clock Hidden Camera she saw her ex, 26 year old scumbag named Scott William Hone throwing the baby around on two separate occasions.

Here’s hoping the laws in Canada are strict enough to deal with this filth and if not, send em on down to Texas we’ll fix him right up!

Tough guy picking on his 5 month old baby. I’d love 5 minutes with him, wouldn’t need more than that.

Be smart and be sure you know what is happening to your kids when you are not there. It is your duty to protect them and be it family, friend or a stranger, you need to be sure.

Stay safe out there!

Charles Dougherty

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Ways to protect your aging parents

Whether your elderly parents are in their own home or an assisted living facility precautions need to be made to ensure their safety.

If they live in their own home you need to be sure they are eating and sleeping properly as well as ensuring they don’t literally burn down the house.

If they live in an assisted living facility you need to worry about how the staff is treating them since those homes are prone to attracting, well there is no way to sugar coat it, bad people.

There are so many cases of abuse over the years it is unbelievable and this is just what is caught, God knows how much goes unnoticed.

But thankfully there are tons of tools you can use from Granny Cams a.k.a Nanny Cams to smart toilets.

Caring for aging parents can become daunting if you don’t utilize the technology available today to help with it.

The level of technology you will need to delve into will vary according to the needs of your particular situation but a good way to start out is with a Nanny or Granny Cam so you can see what is happening when you are not there.

Remember most of all you will need patience and lots of love.

Stay Safe!

Charles Dougherty

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Hoboken nanny arrested and charged with child abuse

22 year old Dechen Kyiden was hired by a family to watch over their young 6 month old son last summer.

I have to say this again shows the value of a nanny cam because they found after watching the events that went on when they were not there that this person they trusted with their baby was abusing him.

The nanny was caught on video slapping and dropping the 6 month old baby. Thankfully the child is fine but things could have been much worse.

Good thing for the baby the parents were smart and careful enough to be sure they knew what was going on when they weren’t there, had they not done this that baby may have been killed or permanently harmed had the abuse continued.

Be smart and protect your kids. Trust is over rated but a little precaution goes a long way. The small investment of a nanny cam could mean the difference between life and death for your child.

Stay safe out there!

Charles Dougherty

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