Pregnant woman uses hidden cameras to catch burglar on video

In San Bernadino California, a pregnant Danielle Helmick  lives by herself in her home. After the first time she was robbed she had ADT install an alarm system.

After she was robbed again she got smart and installed Security Cameras in an effort to help catch the crook and catch him she did.

He is clearly seen on video coming to her front door and using a chair to unscrew the light bulb in the outside light so he could work in darkness.

But thankfully the Surveillance Cameras clearly recorded the face of the crook before he was able to get it completely dark which then blocked him from view of the cameras as they were not infrared models.

Danielle was smart, eventually someone will recognize this scumbag and turn him in. Thanks for homeowners like her the police wind up with something they can use to catch the criminal.

Although I am sure she still feels a bit violated it has to feel good to have successfully captured his face on camera so the cops know who to look for as they investigate this crime.

Well done young lady and good luck with your child birth.

Stay safe!

Charles Dougherty

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Theives steal Security Cameras from Church

This is more of a tale of what not to do than anything else. I understand what they were trying to accomplish but they just chose the wrong way to go about doing it. This isn’t to put them down for their efforts to protect themselves from vandals and thieves this is just to help educate everyone on the best ways to do it.

They tried to use trail cameras to catch the vandals and thieves that have been bothering them for a while but instead they stole the cameras as well. One big mistake was hanging them in trees.

When you install an outdoor camera it needs to be in a location that is not easy to get to as well as being permanently mounted so it is not easy to remove.

If you use visible outdoor security cameras then you will use a Security Camera recorder, a.k.a. DVR. This should be securely locked within the building or home so that it cannot be taken since it holds the evidence. Criminals may steal or damage the cameras but the video of them doing it will be safe and sound inside.

Now for those looking to do it all with just a camera without having a DVR than you will want something that the thieves can’t tell is a camera. In other words you need an outdoor hidden camera.

A really good choice for this is something like the Spotlight Hidden Camera which is as the name infers a spotlight that millions of people have on their homes but this one happens to also have a DVR and Hidden Camera built into it.

You place this up on the side of your home or building and you can catch all the criminals on video instead of being victimized yet again without any real good evidence to show for it. They will never know they were caught on video and you can help the police to catch these scumbags and get them off the streets before they hurt someone.

To read the new report about the theft at the church go here

Stay safe!

Charles Dougherty



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Using a Security Camera to Keep Your Home Safe

When it comes to using a security camera to keep your home safe you should consider protecting both the inside and outside of your home. Many people think of security cameras as only being good when you are away from home but they are missing the true capabilities.

With a properly placed set of cameras and the right recording device you can access the video while you are at work to help keep an eye on your pets, kids or guests all day long while you aren’t home and peace of mind can be priceless.

For outside protection you have to be sure you choose outdoor security cameras to ensure they will be weatherproof and you should also be sure they are vandal resistant. An easily defeated camera does you no good. Domed Security Cameras can be good in this instance.

A mix of hidden and visible cameras are recommended as the visible cameras will act as a deterrent for most criminals and the hidden cameras are there to ensure even better equipped criminals are caught on video.

You should place your outside cameras in such a way as to cover the doors and first floor windows. Security cameras have a cone view meaning that the closer you are to the camera the less width it can view so the farther away from your house you place the cameras the wider the view will be and the less cameras it will take to ensure full coverage. Often trees or poles can be used for this purpose.

A good outdoor hidden security camera for home or small business use is the spotlight hidden camera. It looks like a standard motion activated spotlight but in actuality it contains a camera with built-in DVR so it is a self-contained unit. The spotlight allows the camera to see up to 90 feet in complete darkness to ensure the cover of night won’t help the criminals.

For your indoor cameras you have the option to use all hidden cameras or a mix of both much like you did outside but this all depends on your budget and personal preferences. Hidden cameras are much more expensive than your standard indoor security cameras so make sure you figure that in as you begin to plan your security layout.

As for placement of cameras inside you should also cover the external doors so you can always see who is coming and going at your home. If you have pets, kids or guests you want to watch you may want to add additional cameras in various parts of the home such as the living room and garage areas.

To be able to view the cameras over the internet you will need to be sure the video recording device that you decide to use is listed at network capable or possibly internet or network ready. If the video recording device is network ready then it should be prominently displayed as this is not a standard feature at this point in time.

Stay Safe!

The Judge

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