Bullet cameras vs Dome cameras – Which is the better option for the home?

When it comes down to choosing between bullet security cameras vs dome security cameras it all comes down to what you want to accomplish. You see there are two schools of thought. Some believe that criminals are deterred by the sight of security cameras and will choose another target. Others believe that the presence of security cameras actually encourages the thief showing you have stuff worth guarding.

Although both thought processes have some merit, times have changed things rendering one invalid in today's world. The invalid thought is that it encourages theft. I say this because these days security cameras are so prevalent that even poorer low income families can afford to buy and use them for safety.

With all being said it really just comes down to functionality, costs and installation location. As far as functionality goes, both types have infrared capabilities which allows you to see in the dark so be sure whichever model you choose has this capability. The reason being that you don't want to be “camera blind” when the sun goes down.

As far as costs go, both types are affordably priced and vary depending on which features you choose as well as how high of a quality picture you want. I suggest the go for the highest resolution you can afford since it would be a shame and a waste to capture the faces of criminals yet not be able to make them out enough to be useful to law enforcement.

So far as you can see you can still go either way right now with a domed security camera or a bullet security camera. Where the true choice difference comes in is the installation. 

Dome cameras are great for doorways and overhead installations although they can also be installed on the side of buildings or poles. It just isn't their strong point which is the overhead installation options. Most dome cameras look down and to one side unless you get one with pan/tilt and zoom (PTZ) capabilites so you have to take this into consideration for proper installation.

The bullet camera because of the shape (see picture to right for example), is better suited for the sides of walls and up in corners as their view is generally wider but the fall short when trying for overhead views. 

Another benefit of the dome camera is that many come armored. This means that it is much harder to disable the armored models since they are designed to withstand quite a bit of impact damage without failing.

Instead of deciding between the two types of cameras I personally recommend a combination of the two. Use the dome cameras over doorways to catch anyone coming in or out of the doors and then use bullet cameras up high on the home or a pole getting a wide view of the area you are attemoting to secure. 

The dome cameras are harder to notice since they lay flat (not including the large PTZ dome cameras) so they don't have the same amount of deterrent effect as the bullet cameras do as they come in sizes from small (like the one shown above) to rather large and easy to see. 

Think carefully about your desired installation locations and see what looks like the best fit for you and your individual needs. Remember you can always use dummy cameras to help bolster your security setup without adding a ton of cost to it.


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Investigators still search for 6 year old Isabel Celis

Police are combing through hours of surveillance tapes from nearby homes and businesses for any clues to help them track down 6 year old Isabel Celis who has been missing since she was taken from her room on April 21st.

It appears someone entered the room by removing the screen and coming though the window.

Police are combing through tons of leads as well as the surveillance cameras video recordings and hopefully something will pan out quick so they can bring this little girl home safe.

If you know anything be sure to call the Tucson Police and tell them what you know. My thoughts and prayers go out to the girl and her family.

Stay Safe!

Charles Dougherty
Surveillance Cameras

Security Cameras

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Cedar Falls School District decides to implement security cameras

The School district in Cedar Falls Iowa has decided to use a Dept. of Justice grant to obtain and install 43 security cameras.

This is something I think all schools should do by default. I know people want to whine about privacy but it is a school not your home so privacy, unless in a shower or bathroom or changing room should not be expected.

The difference security cameras can make in the safety level of a school is huge. Knowing they are being watched will help the kids be on their best behavior. It can help curb bullying as well as physical and sexual assaults as well as drug dealing and usage.

A little loss in privacy is a small price to pay for helping make your school a safer place for ALL of the kids.

So a big well done to Cedar Falls for being smart enough to do what is necessary to help protect the children in their schools.

Stay Safe!

Charles Dougherty


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Should schools have surveillance cameras in them?

The short answer is hell yes! A Surveillance Security Camera is a great deterrent for bad behavior and will stop a lot of bad things from happening on school grounds.

I believe we need to protect our children at school so instead of worrying about something bad happening to them there they are thinking about the subject they are being taught.

This goes for rapes, fights, bullies and drug use. When kids know Security Cameras are in place and can be used against them in a court of law they often will curtail their bad behavior.

People like to debate privacy rights and that makes me laugh. Since when is there privacy in public? You want privacy then be inside a bathroom, changing room, shower or your own damn home. School is public and public equals no privacy other than showers and bathrooms.

It really is that easy. Privacy is afforded to you in your own home and on your own property and that is all. Anywhere you head out in public is subject to video scrutiny.

If we put cameras in all schools we should be able to take back the schools from the thugs and bullies and make it a safer place for our kids to go and learn.

Stay safe out there!

Charles Dougherty

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Home Security Cameras Helping Victims

A local news reporter in Ohio spoke to Police in the area who have seen an increase in homeowners adding security cameras for their home which has lead to an increase in leads to various crimes.

A man viciously attacked by two men while working in his home office caught both of the attacker’s faces clearly on camera. This will help in the capture and prosecution of these criminals that may not have occurred otherwise.

You can see the images as well as read the whole story here at

This all goes to show that a small investment of a security camera system on your part can help to put these criminals in their place.

Stay Safe!

Charles Dougherty

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Security Cameras catch man breaking into car

A homeowner in Maryland was smart and installed some security cameras around his home. I don’t know how long  he had the cameras but they caught a lowlife on video breaking into a car during a recent wave of car break-ins.

Thanks to this homeowner the police have a good tool they can use to catch and prosecute this scumbag.

You can read an article I wrote on picking the right Security Camera which may help you decide which one would be right for you.

To see the video and read the news story go here

Stay Safe!

Charles Dougherty


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Theives steal Security Cameras from Church

This is more of a tale of what not to do than anything else. I understand what they were trying to accomplish but they just chose the wrong way to go about doing it. This isn’t to put them down for their efforts to protect themselves from vandals and thieves this is just to help educate everyone on the best ways to do it.

They tried to use trail cameras to catch the vandals and thieves that have been bothering them for a while but instead they stole the cameras as well. One big mistake was hanging them in trees.

When you install an outdoor camera it needs to be in a location that is not easy to get to as well as being permanently mounted so it is not easy to remove.

If you use visible outdoor security cameras then you will use a Security Camera recorder, a.k.a. DVR. This should be securely locked within the building or home so that it cannot be taken since it holds the evidence. Criminals may steal or damage the cameras but the video of them doing it will be safe and sound inside.

Now for those looking to do it all with just a camera without having a DVR than you will want something that the thieves can’t tell is a camera. In other words you need an outdoor hidden camera.

A really good choice for this is something like the Spotlight Hidden Camera which is as the name infers a spotlight that millions of people have on their homes but this one happens to also have a DVR and Hidden Camera built into it.

You place this up on the side of your home or building and you can catch all the criminals on video instead of being victimized yet again without any real good evidence to show for it. They will never know they were caught on video and you can help the police to catch these scumbags and get them off the streets before they hurt someone.

To read the new report about the theft at the church go here

Stay safe!

Charles Dougherty



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Keep Burglars away with a Security Camera

With a small investment on your part you can keep burglars away with a Security Camera and help to ensure your family is safer. The best way to avoid being is a victim is by being prepared. Most criminals will admit that they go for the easiest score they can find and you want to be sure that is not your place.

Thankfully, you don’t need to spend a fortune to make your house much less appealing to criminals. With the addition of a few well-placed and inexpensive Security Cameras you accomplish this task.  Besides just burglars, the addition of some extra security precautions can also help to keep the local hoodlums away from your house and vehicles.

You want to be sure you have at least one camera out and very visible so that anyone walking or driving by can plainly see that you have implemented precautions to protect your place as this will be your main method of deterrent. A good location to consider is right over the driveway like on your garage or the front part of the house.

You will want to be sure you place cameras along any obstructed view areas of your home. In other words, any place around your home where someone could easily hide without being seen needs to be protected.

Another good idea is to cover both your front and back doors so that anyone coming up to them winds up on camera.

Now bear in mind that not all of your security cameras have to be real. There are fake security cameras that can be used to help expand your security system without breaking your bank account. They look just like real cameras down to the LED power light but are just a fraction of the cost.

Mixing in a few fake cameras in with your real ones will help you to ensure you have the maximum level of security coverage you can afford.

Stay Safe,

Charles Dougherty

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How to Protect a Business Using Security Cameras

To protect a business using security cameras you will need to ensure you cover all of the vital areas. These areas include all external doors, office areas, long hallways and any spot where a safe or register is located.

The actual physical placement of any security cameras will vary depending on your type of business such as retail or office as well as the type of building itself but you can follow a few rules of thumb.

As mentioned previously, you need to cover all doors that lead to the outside and if you have windows try to cover those as well although windows get to be of less a concern the higher up on floors you go.

Remember, the amount of an area that security cameras can “see” gets wider the farther away you get from the camera so just think of it as a cone that spreads out. This means in many cases you will be able to cover a larger area by setting the camera back from the area. With this in mind you could potentially cover the entire front of the store or business with just 1 or 2 cameras.

In the office areas you may want to consider using hidden security cameras which will help you find and prosecute any employee theft as well.

For long hallways you should place a camera at both ends to be sure you get full coverage of the area. The last thing you want is someone roaming the halls without being caught on at least one of your security cameras.

For a retail business you need to cover any area where you have a safe and placing a camera over any cash register is also a good idea. Both of these are also areas where a smoke detector hidden camera or sprinkler head hidden camera may be the best bet.

You can never plan for every event and no matter how many security precautions you put in place you can never guarantee you will not fall victim to some type of crime. The best you can hope for is to lower the odds and in the case something does happen you want to be sure to have the video evidence to help identify and prosecute the offender.

Stay Safe!

The Judge

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