Stalker Peeping Tom caught by hidden camera

In Middletown N.Y at 10 pm every night a dog named Cloey would go nuts and her owners wanted to find out why.

They got  a game camera which is a Hidden Camera that people use outdoors to catch pictures of wildlife that pass in front of the camera triggering the motion detection.

Thinking it was some kind of animal they looked at the pictures and what they saw freaked them out. It seems it caught their scumbag neighbor on video peeking in the windows, presumably at the wife.

They notified police but since the game cameras aren’t generally high resolution the police installed their own “real” outdoor hidden cameras to catch this lowlife in the act.

Like clockwork the next night at 10 pm their neighbor, 33-year-old Edward D’Andrea shows up and starts peeking in windows again.

Turns out he is a married father who actually left his 3 year old girl home alone while he came over to peek in the windows at his neighbor’s wife.

Top that off he is said to be a former school teacher who supposedly was going to start working for the Department of Children Services. Just what we need yet another pervert dealing with children.

Sick people out there so be safe!

Charles Dougherty

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