Here’s a shocker – Members of Congress are wasting taxpayer money

I know right now you could be knocked over by a feather with this shocking news that members of congress from both parties are wasting money. Unbelievable right?

In case it wasn’t coming across …..that was sarcasm. ;p When I saw this news story on Inside Edition I was angry but not even a tiny bit surprised.

These people don’t live in the same world as the rest of us and as such they write their own rules and we keep putting these scumbags in office term after term, scumbag after scumbag.

You see it seems that in a time of financial turmoil member’s of congress are out leasing high end vehicles on the taxpayers dime.

The sad part is that all of it is within the “rules” which shows we need to change the rules. Paying $1300 or more for a lease to “do your job as a member of congress” is reasonable, not even a little bit.

Take Missouri Democrat Emanuel Cleaver for instance, he pays out or I should say we pay out $1900.00 a month which is $22,800 a year on his vehicle.

Altogether there are 82 out of 435 members of congress that lease vehicles on our dime. That is 82 people who should lose their jobs next election right to start and it appears about even between Republicans and Democrats as well so as far as I am concerned they should all be axed.

We need people in our government that aren’t looking to piss away all of our hard earned money just because they can.

Thanks for the heads up on this Inside Edition. See the whole list here

Stay Safe out there!

Charles Dougherty


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