In UK scientists are mixing human and animal DNA

You may be thinking to yourself “is this a joke”? Well the answer is sadly no this is far too real. Right now they are debating as to whether or not they should regulate this activity.

I had no idea they were doing this type of stuff and it really is something out of a horror movie. Tests on mice with human genes for their brain, experiments on goats implanted with a human gene are also being done to study blood-clotting problems. They are also growing human skin on mice to learn how to fight skin cancer.

Among experimentation that might alarm you are those where human brain cells might change animal brains to something humanesque, those that could lead to fertilizing human eggs in animals and any modifications of animals that could create human attributes like facial features, skin or even the ability to talk. WHAT?!

This isn’t new as things heated up years ago in Britain “after scientists announced plans to make human embryos with the nucleus removed from cow and rabbit eggs”. Thankfully they restricted experiments to ensure the embryos were not allowed to develop for more than two weeks.

This all scares the hell out of me. It sounds more like an episode of Fringe than reality but this is the world we live in. I get that we need to do some stuff to advance science and our ability to fight disease but things could easily get out of control if we are not careful.

You can read the entire news story here

Stay safe!


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