Nanny caught on Hidden Camera roughing up triplets

You’d like to think that when hiring a nanny to watch your premature set of triplets that choosing a nanny that is a sweet old woman is the safest choice but it isn’t a guarantee.

66 year old Carolyn Easton was sentenced to 4 years in prison today for abusing three 5-month old babies that she was “caring” for as their nanny.

The incident took place a little more than a year ago in Texas and she was busted by the parents.

They wanted to be sure their babies were getting enough play time throughout the day so they installed a Smoke Detector Hidden Camera to check out things while they were away.

What they found shocked, appalled and angered them. She was seen pulling, smacking, shoving and throwing the babies around. It is said she was even dragging one of the babies around by its arm.

The fact that they gave this old skank such a light sentence pisses me off, I mean 4 years…really?

She should be in there for ten years minimum and if that is all she has left then so be it. Before the bleeding hearts start whining she was sweet as pie when the parents were around but turned vicious when left alone.

Thankfully for those 3 babies the parents were smart enough to invest the small amount of money it takes to get a Hidden Camera to help be sure their kids were safe.

Had they not done this there is no telling what would have happened to those poor little babies. 5 months old…how can people do this kind of stuff to helpless little babies is beyond me.

You can read more here

Stay safe and protect your babies!

Charles Dougherty


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