Sears employee secretly recorded women in the changing rooms and bathrooms

According to authorities a maintenance worker was recording women without their knowledge in the bathrooms and changing rooms in a Sears store in North Hollywood.

They think 27 year old Alejandro Gamiz has been doing this for 3 years! God knows how many victims of this guy there really are all together and what he did with the recordings.

For all we know there are images of many women all over the net as a result of this pervert doing his evil deed for so long without anyone catching on.

What I can’t understand is how this was able to go on for so many years without anyone getting suspicious…it is mind boggling to me.

I mentioned before it is a good idea to carry a Hidden Camera Detector when going into public bathrooms and changing rooms and this is yet another example of why I said that. The Hidden Camera technology to do the recordings is too readily available to not be prepared and take a better safe than sorry approach. Once something is one the net it is there forever.

Stay safe!

Charles Dougherty


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