Surveillance may help police in locating missing little girl

6-year-old Isabel Celis has been missing since last Friday and police seem to have no real leads in her whereabouts.

According to the father who found her missing from her room Saturday morning, her window was open and the screen was missing.

Thankfully there was a neighbor with surveillance cameras on their home and maybe it caught what happened to this poor little girl that night. There may also be businesses in the area whose security cameras will help as well.

I am hoping and praying this little girl is found unharmed and if you know anything be sure to call 520-88-CRIME. You can see her picture here

This case shows one parents need to really take great care no matter how nice an area you think you live in.

Two is shows how using outdoor security cameras can help to aid in the resolution of crimes and hopefully that will be what happens in this case.

Pray for the safe return of Isabel Celis. Stay safe!

Charles Dougherty

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